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Contact us Phone: (03) 8787 8991 - Email: info@europrecast.com

Contact Us



Euro Precast Pty Ltd

  Phone: (03) 8787 8991
  Fax: (03) 8787 8992
  Email: info@europrecast.com
  2-10 Arkwright Dve, Dandenong South VIC 3175

Managing Director:

George Spiropoulos

  Email: george@europrecast.com
  Mob: 0424 663 667
Tender, Contract Negotiate and Manage the projects.
Liaise with production on manufacturing targets
Implement quality and OH&S procedures
Manage subcontract works

Operations Manager:

Anthony Cerato
  Email: anthony@europrecast.com
  Mob: 0412 618 566
Manage Production and Panel Scheduling
Quality Control
Manage Direct Manufacture Employees
Manage Subcontract Works

Precast Detailer:

Teresa Savaine       Email: Teresa@europrecast.com
Weng Yip     Email: Weng@europrecast.com
Fernando Zuniga       Email: fernando@europrecast.com
Anu Ravichandran        Email: anu@europrecast.com

Prepare detailed precast shop drawings
Liaise with clients/consultants in preparation of shop drawings

Quality Assurance Manager:

Terence Sauzier    Email: terence@europrecast.com
Maintains and improves quality of production by developing and enforcing good manufacturing practice; validating processes; providing documentation; completing compliance and surveillance audits

Business Administration Manager

Pamela Spiropoulos    Email: pam@europrecast.com


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